Live Review – We’re No Heroes/Vanity Fair/The New Objects

There seems to be a trend with gigs at the moment when bands continuously ask the crowd to move closer to the stage and that is what happens at Undertone with the reasonably sized crowd ready as the first band We’re No Heroes come on. If you’re at a gig step forward and enjoy the performance you have paid to watch if not go upstairs and don’t bother. We’re No Heroes are the best band of the night playing a collection of high paced songs that kept me interested through the set. The three piece swap vocals throughout, playing spot on angular fast paced guitar with hints of Whitest Boy Alive. Thoroughly enjoyed the set, I was very impressed with the way they performed. They promise a new EP in the year and it will be great to hear it and definitely one to watch.

Next up are Vanity Fair. Are these guys for real? They come on to a Lionel Ritchie song and start playing some horrible guitar riff that sounds like it was shat out of The Edge and recycled twenty years ago. The lyrics were absolutely awful and the music sounded like a mix of 80’s power ballads that were cringe worthy to the ear. They had no stage presence and what were all the cameras about? Did they employ photographers to snap all the way through the set! Quite possibly the worst band I have ever seen live and I’ve seen a lot of shit. I hate slating bands but these deserve it.

The New Objects are the last band I see who look ten times more professional than the last band. They play a set that is packed full of very loud riffs and the lead singer sounds like a carbon copy of Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy. It’s a mix of indulgent rock, fast and slow. It’s a very high volume gig with the music so loud it completely overpowers the performance.

The headliners of the evening were Ideals and I was looking forward to seeing them but big thumbs down to the promoter as everyone had left after The New Objects, the bands packed up so I assumed Ideals were not playing. Never have I seen a gig played after half eleven at night and I only found out they played the following morning. The highlight was watching We’re No Heroes on a very mixed night of music.

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